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Your Hiring Process Wins When AI is Paired With Human Behavior

With so many Artificial Intelligence applications becoming popular and newsworthy, it's easy to get lost in thinking about what AI can do for your company. Can it wipe out entire departments?  No.  Can it save you millions in overhead?  Probably.

The goal isn’t to replace humans, but the AI quick win is to get the repetitive tasks (read: necessary evils) out of the way so employees can be more effective at the work they do. 

When you consider Artificial Intelligence solutions, it is best to determine what processes can become better through automation. These usually are the highly repetitive, low thought processes we all easily find ourselves in.

There are pieces within your business that will unmistakably be required to have a human touch to be effective.  We recommend you keep it that way.

Let’s take a hiring process, for example. Here are just some of the usual steps the hiring process might entail:

  • sourcing candidates

  • qualifying candidates

  • scheduling appointments

  • conducting interviews

  • checking references

  • conducting background checks

  • documenting signatures

  • on-boarding

Some of these steps are great for applying smart automation to - sourcing, scheduling, signatures, and on-boarding. Others like qualifying and interviewing, the human touch still reigns supreme.  

AI would be great at previewing over 463 resumes that are submitted to a job posting and running them against a set of data. This process can help select the candidates that best match specific, sought-after criteria without the necessity of human interaction. The recruiter would then have a smaller subset of resumes to look through, thus saving them time and, ultimately, the company money.  Added bonus, you uncover candidates you may have missed.

Conversely, there are pieces of this process that fare better when human interaction is applied. Candidates might find it odd to talk to a robot during an interview and abandon the company altogether. References called by a machine might be hesitant to give their true thoughts on a candidate, and so forth. These would be awful candidate experiences.

Keeping the pieces of human interaction that make the most impact and automating the rest is a good strategy. When AI is paired with Human Behavior, everyone wins. 

Whatever stage your business is in, there are always efficiencies to be had and processes to be improved upon to reduce waste and increase profits. We understand companies need to find innovative ways to grow, and sometimes that means figuring out what processes make the most sense to automate. 

At Louder Co., we combine our consulting expertise with groundbreaking custom AI strategies to achieve growth and cure inefficiencies, saving our clients stress, time, and money.

Here are two things you can do to see if an AI strategy is right for you:

1.    Download our Intro to AI paper.

2.    Sign up for a FREE 1-Hour strategy session

We look forward to working with you!


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