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Bring your ideas to life with our startup studio.

We help entrepreneurs bring their business ideas to reality.

We know the feeling of hope when a brilliant idea comes to mind.  
We also know the feeling of emptiness when you think you can't do anything about it.

We created CoLab, a division of Louder Co., to help self-funded individuals design, develop, and launch innovative digital technologies into businesses that become the next big venture of their already successful career.



Explore ideas for viability, desirability, and feasibility.



Test and launch a digital product business quickly.



Reap the rewards of leading another successful business!

Bring your business idea to life. Fast.


We know your time and money are valuable.

We don't like wasting either.  

Combining our expertise with our process to validate, refine, and launch saves time and maximizes your investment.



Design Thinking

Lean Startup

Agile Development



Interdisciplinary Team

Network Resources

Invaluable Experience



Instant Infrastructure

Countless Methodologies

Accelerated solutions

Some of the things we're great at doing:

  • Ideation and Innovation

  • Market Research

  • Company Formation

  • Business Modeling

  • Digital Product Design
  • Go-to Market Strategy

  • Marketing

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Machine Learning

  • Automation

  • Robotics

  • Mobile Apps

  • Blockchain

Join others who have found success this way.

A founder approached us after selling his last business venture with thoughts of his next big move.

We brought a few ideas to the table and took him through our process to identify viable, desirable, and feasible opportunities.

Ultimately, we designed an incredible digital product for him and launched a company around it.

Experts have described the business as meets LinkedIn. He's on the path to another overwhelming success.

Many of our first time clients wonder...

  • What does my potential return-on-investment look like?

  • How do you vet my idea to ensure it's a success?

  • What kind of investment does my idea take?

  • If I have the funding, can you bring the ideas?

  • Who owns what?

  • How long does it take to launch?

  • How do we begin?

Exit strategies never looked so appealing.

Our clients want to leave a legacy and invest in innovative ideas that will carry future generations. CoLab could be your ticket to that high-return, forward-thinking business partner you've been looking for.

Want to start a company with us?

Don't have an idea?  That's okay.  

Take a look at our curated menu of ideas that we haven't been able to launch yet. Choose the one you like, and we'll start there.

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