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2020 Mid-Year State of AI

Report and Video

The world of Artificial Intelligence moves so quickly that if you're not living it and breathing it like we are, we know it's hard to keep up.  That's why we not only put together our 2020 Mid-Year State of AI Report, but we also recorded a webinar.

Learn about the latest trends in AI, find out how AI is helping fight the Covid-19 pandemic, and see how companies are protecting themselves and increasing their value through patenting their AI.

Read The Report.

In this downloadable PDF, we bring you up to speed on the 4 biggest AI trends we're seeing, and what developments you can expect to see over the coming months (hint: AI has actually been really helpful with responding to this pandemic). 


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Watch The Webinar.

We took our 2020 Mid-Year State of AI Report and made it a webinar!


Please join me and my special guest, Robert Plotkin, Software and AI Intellectual Property Attorney, for an informative State of AI discussion.

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