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Break down the barriers to AI Adoption in your business.

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What is AI?
What is Generative AI?
How can it boost my business?
Where do we even begin?

As a business leader, staying on top of Artificial Intelligence and knowing how it can make your business better can be incredibly challenging. That’s why we’re offering the First Steps: AI Workshop to answer these questions and more.

At Louder Co., we specialize in guiding leaders like you through the AI jungle. Our tailored workshops arm you with actionable insights to unlock productivity and profitability through AI.

The Workshop

Part 1: 


Dive into the possibilities of AI, without the technicalities.

  • Gain awareness into the transformative power of AI through various applications

  • Discover the merits of buying over building AI solutions. 

  • Unveil productivity and profitability through inexpensive and fast-implementing AI possibilities.

  • Duration: Approx. 2 hours


Part 2: 

Rapid Roadmap

Identify business areas ripe for AI-enhanced productivity. 

  • Gauge your company's AI readiness with our unique assessment.

  • Prioritize opportunities based on impact and AI viability.

  • Receive a strategic roadmap detailing your AI journey - from ideation to implementation.

  • (Note: The roadmap offers direction and steps, not specific application recommendations).

  • Duration: Approx. 2 hours


Deliverables, Takeaways, and Outcomes

We accomplish a lot in the workshop, but Louder Co. always has homework to do afterward. When it's all said and done, we'll provide you the outcomes listed below to grant you a clear path forward to AI

AI Education For Business Leaders


What AI, ChatGPT, and Generative AI are while showing actionable examples of AI in action. 

AI Opportunities

Prioritized by ROI & impact to your business.

Quick Wins Matrix

Visual representation of the Impact & Effort to successfully complete recommended AI projects.

AI Readiness Score

Understanding of your company's level of readiness to implement & adopt AI solutions. 

AI Project Recommendations

To automate or address each pain-point and challenge discussed in the workshop.

AI Roadmap

Personalized with your AI readiness level in mind, to ensure the successful selection & integration of AI technologies. 

Getting Started is Easy

1. Schedule a 30-minute intro conversation through the Calendly below.

2. Get your workshop date scheduled.

3. Gain clarity on your AI journey.

Join Our Raving Fans

Over 2,000 people and 15 different businesses and organizations have experienced the workshop. Thankfully, the reviews have been great so far! 


... And many others!

Friendly Pricing


Half due upfront. Half due at the end.

We want to execute the AI Roadmap we design with you. So when you engage us on a longer-term engagement, this fee is credited back to you 100%. 

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5X? 10x? 50x?

The value this presentation can create for your company is MASSIVE. 

AI has the power to save or generate thousands, if not, millions of dollars for your business. This presentation puts the powerful knowledge of AI and what to do with it, into your company. 

Don't Believe Us?
Play Around With Our ROI Calculator.

A few supporting studies:

  • MIT: Generative AI decreased the time it took workers to complete tasks by 40 percent.

  • McKinsey & Co.: By 2030, 30 percent of hours currently worked across the US economy could be automated with AI.

  • Deloitte: AI and machine learning will contribute to 37 percent increase in labor productivity by 2025.

To start, click or tap on the "show calculator" button and input your particulars. Use the slider to increase the number of team members impacted by AI in your business.

We started the calculation with a few assumptions, like a 35 percent productivity gain, but feel free to make it your own.

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